About us


Mobilize youth efforts; To boost volunteer work and expand humanitarian partnerships; To accomplish strategic goals, while adhering to international standards and laws.


A Yemeni civil development institution; It is concerned with providing humanitarian development programs to advance the community milieu and advance towards a decent life.
Goal: Distinguished and pioneering partner in humanitarian work. Achieves a decent life.


Distinguished and pioneering partner in humanitarian work; Achieves a decent life.


Disseminating and increasing awareness of sustainable development; On preventive response to humanitarian disasters.
Establishing, adopting and implementing emergency response programs to protect those affected; From humanitarian crises
Preparedness for urgent emergency response in the face of natural disasters
Achieving effective sustainability in social and humanitarian projects.
Youth rehabilitation; By transforming the concept of their dependent culture into developmental, and empowering women with practical skills and the less fortunate groups professionally, to improve their lives and stabilize their families, and contribute to reducing unemployment for a decent life.

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